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Tyler and MBanc were great to work with. With their support, I was able to quickly and efficiently take care of the financial needs for my STR business. Everyone was professional and provided great service. I’m happy to recommend them to other investors.

John H.


The Super Team of Marites and Lateefah did it again for me. SUPER AMAZING services! Took only 17 days for my Cash out Refinance to be funded. I will definitly recommend them to whoever need a tailored solution with quick results. Thank you again!

Ricky T.


Possibly one of the best loan experiences I’ve had. Jason and his team absolutely crush. The service is next level. Many closings have to be extended in Hawaii but they were able to close 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I highly recommend their services.

Clint C.

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Non-QM financing, short for non-qualified mortgage financing, refers to a category of home loans that do not meet the standards set by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for “qualified mortgages.” These standards were implemented after the 2008 financial crisis to ensure that borrowers who applied for loans could reasonably repay the loan.


Here are the key differences between Non-QM financing and traditional mortgages:

  • Underwriting Criteria: Traditional mortgages, considered “qualified mortgages,” must meet specific criteria set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This includes debt-to-income ratio, credit score, and other financial indicators. This process is very robotic. Approvals are generated by an Automated Underwriting Program. Non-QM loans do not have to adhere strictly to these guidelines, which means loans can be made available to borrowers who do not meet the traditional standards. Non-QM Underwriting looks at the individual qualifying as a person and not just a checklist. Every loan is manually underwritten to the specific needs of the applicant.

  • Risk Profile: Non-QM loans are considered higher risk for lenders because they are made to borrowers who may not meet the standard criteria. This can include self-employed individuals, those with unique income structures, or individuals with recent credit issues. As a result, Non-QM loans often come with slightly higher interest rates and may need a larger down payment.

  • Documentation Requirements: Non-QM loans often have more flexible documentation requirements. This is beneficial for self-employed individuals or those with irregular income streams who may need help to provide the standard documentation required for a traditional mortgage.

  • Loan Types: Non-QM loans can include a broader range of loan types that wouldn’t qualify as “qualified mortgages.” This can consist of interest-only loans, stated income loans (where borrowers declare their income by providing alternative documentation such as bank statements).

  • Amortization: Non-QM loans may offer more flexibility in terms of amortization schedules. This means borrowers may have options to structure their loan payments to align better with their financial situation.
  • Purpose: Non-QM loans may be used for various purposes beyond traditional home purchases like investment properties, renovations, or other non-standard uses.

  • Lender Flexibility: Since Non-QM loans are not held to the same strict guidelines as qualified mortgages, lenders have more flexibility in assessing the risk and structuring the loan terms.


It’s important to note that because Non-QM loans are considered higher risk, they are not as widely available as traditional mortgages, and not all lenders offer them. Please speak to our MBANC lending professionals to see if you qualify today.

Rates for Self-Employed Borrowers and Investors depend on many factors: income calculation method, your down payment/equity position, credit score, loan term, income, and debt. You will pay a slightly higher interest rate than the regular mortgage market rate with MBANC because we are willing to consider your alternative documentation, while other lenders will not take this risk.

Yes, like any other type of mortgage or loan, Non-QM mortgages can have an impact on your credit score. Here’s how they may affect your credit:

  • Credit Inquiry: When you apply for a Non-QM mortgage, the lender will typically perform a credit check as part of the application process. A single “hard inquiry” is unlikely to impact on your credit score, but many within a short period of time might.

  • Debt-to-Income Ratio: Non-QM loans may be available to borrowers with higher debt-to-income ratios compared to traditional mortgages. However, if your debt levels are high, it could still impact your creditworthiness and score.

  • Payment History: Making on-time payments consistently on your Non-QM mortgage will have a positive impact on your credit score.

  • Credit Utilization: Taking out a Non-QM mortgage doesn’t directly affect your credit utilization, but it could indirectly influence your overall financial situation, which in turn could impact the ratio of your outstanding credit card balances to your credit limits.

  • Credit Mix: A mix of credit types like mortgages, credit cards, and installment loans can be beneficial for your credit score. Adding a Non-QM mortgage to your credit mix could potentially have a positive effect.

  • Credit Age: Opening a new credit account (such as a mortgage, including a Non-QM mortgage) may slightly lower the average age of your accounts, which can slightly impact your score.

Don’t hesitate to gather more information about this topic during your free initial call with us.

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