MBANC Closed Deals: Forecasting Airbnb Profit From an Airbnb in Miami

MBANC Closed Deals: Forecasting Airbnb Profit From an Airbnb in Miami

MBANC Closed Deals: Forecasting Airbnb Profit From an Airbnb in Miami

Purchasing an Airbnb in Miami is an unequaled opportunity to realize an ROI that will continue to grow over time. The market itself is primed for rental property investing. On top of that, you can essentially capture, bottle, and sell the feeling of being in a placid paradise with these rental properties, which is a rare commodity that offers financial stability and security in a way that is only matched by real estate investing. 

By taking out one of the best DSCR loans with one of the best mortgage lenders like MBANC and using a short-term rental calculator like STR Verifi to forecast and guarantee Airbnb profit, your ROI will be as abundant as Miami’s beachside vibes, and your life will feel like a perfect day spent reclining by the pool. Witness this tool in action:

An Airbnb in Miami: About the Property

To understand the true value of an innovative short-term rental calculator like STR Verifi, let’s examine this 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom Airbnb in Miami. 

Constructed in 1961, this property has witnessed Miami change and blossom into a vibrant metropolis, which it is waiting to witness for self-made entrepreneurs like yourself. But don’t get it twisted: This is still a modern property. 

This house is perfectly positioned on a spacious corner lot and has a laundry room, central heating and air conditioning, two attached garage spaces, and an instant water heater. Still, what would Miami be without fun?

Other features that make this an excellent investment property in Miami include a chic custom bar, a free-form pool with a covered poolside patio, an artificial turf play area, landscape lighting, and a built-in wine cooler.

Plus, this property is mere blocks away from Paseo Park, South Miami’s newest neighborhood playground. We helped close on this property for $1,650,000. Without further ado, let’s get into the investment property ROI.


I highly recommend consulting with MBANC for your next purchase. As a seasoned property investor, I knew this home would be a solid investment. Tabitha and her team tailored my loan in a way that made me a competitive buyer and made my entire process as easy and quick as possible.

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STR Verifi in Action: An Airbnb in Miami

With a 30-year rental property mortgage, the mortgage payment for this Airbnb in Miami will be $6,397 monthly ($76,764 annually).

This monthly payment may seem steep, but with the Airbnb profit you earn, this property will more than pay for itself. Let’s explore how a vacation rental calculator like STR Verifi provides unequaled insights into earning potential. 

This property’s market has a B grade, with exceptional scores in rental demand (70) and seasonality (77). These scores indicate that there will be no shortage of renters, and business will be as consistent as the balmy Florida climate.

With an average daily rate of $430, you only need tenants for 14 days monthly to cover the mortgage. However, the average occupancy rate of 67% means you can expect to have renters for 21 days per month. 

You will earn $9,030 monthly tax-free ($108,360 annually) from this investment property in Miami, making the $6,397 monthly (and $76,764 annually) payments look diminutive and downright puny in comparison. Still, running an Airbnb in Miami isn’t free. 

What about amenities? Our cutting-edge short-term rental calculator STR Verifi shows amenities cost an average of $24,000. After operating expenses, this property will earn $84,360, exceeding the annual mortgage payments.

Pair all that with the graphs illustrating a 19.2% year-over-year increase in Airbnb ROI, and the clean, blue Florida sky is your limit. By the end of your 30-year term, you will have earned $228,000 from this investment alone. 

Learn More About STR Verifi and Guaranteed ROI From an Airbnb in Miami

Miami was built on the ambitions of people who recognized it as a gateway to the American Dream. The American Dream means creating the life you want, which investing in an Airbnb in Miami enables you to do. When paired with a vacation rental calculator, you can forecast and guarantee Airbnb profit and turn investing from a gamble into a sure thing. To learn more about STR Verifi and to work with one of the best mortgage lenders that offers the best DSCR loans, talk to our team

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