DSCR Rental Investment Mortgage

Qualify with Confidence: DSCR program caters to real estate investors, offering qualification based on rental property cash flow.

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DSCR Jumbo Rental Investment Program Highlights

  • Loan Amounts Up To $3.5 Million.
  • Unlimited Refinance Cash Out Up to $3 Million.
  • Qualify Using Short Term & Long Term Rental Income.
  • Single Family Residence, Condo, Condo-Tel, and 1-8 Units 
  • Minimum 660 FICO Score to Qualify
  • No W-2s, Pay Stubs, Or Tax Returns Required.
  • Short Term Rental Analysis Powered By STR Verifi*

What is a DSCR Investment Rental Jumbo Mortgage?

There are no income requirements for a DSCR mortgage. Unlike conventional loans that hinge on your personal income and debt, a DSCR loan evaluates your property’s projected rental income as the primary qualifying factor. Whether you’re a prospective property owner, a real estate investor, or an entrepreneur seeking to tap into the real estate market, this innovative loan option grants you unprecedented flexibility and seamless financing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A debt service coverage (DSCR) loan is one that qualifies borrowers through an investment property’s cash flow rather than the borrower’s income. DSCR loans — also known as investor cash flow loans — are frequently used by real estate investors to qualify for mortgages and buy investment properties.

Lenders calculate DSCR by taking the estimated monthly rental income from your property and dividing it by the monthly debt you currently have. This allows lenders to evaluate whether or not you’re able to pay your mortgage payment along with your other debts.

Real estate investors looking to use a DSCR loan to qualify can use as little as 20% down. Our minimum down payment of 20% is based on other qualifying factors like credit score, loan amount, and DSCR calculation. 

  • Different eligibility requirements. DSCR loans use the rental income from a property, rather than the borrower’s income to qualify. This means that they can buy an investment property even if their income makes them ineligible.
  • No limit to the number of loans. There is a limit to how many rental properties a borrower can buy with Conventional mortgages, but they can generally take out as many DSCR loans as they want.
  • Quicker closing. DSCR loans may have quicker closing times than Conventional mortgages because of simplified documentation.
  • No employment verification. Because the borrower’s income is not used to qualify for a DSCR loan, there is no employment verification required.