Bank Statement Loans

Bank Statements Tell All: Our Mortgage Program Listens

Bank statements don’t lie. We don’t understand why other lenders make qualifying so difficult. It doesn’t matter. Now, you have found the right team to get you the bank statement mortgage loan you need.

97% Pull-Through Rate

What is a “pull-through rate?” This is another way of saying that our word means something. 


When we tell you (or a realtor) that you are pre-approved for a loan, it means you are, in fact, pre-approved for a loan. 


Unlike other lenders, we won’t jeopardize your property deal or frustrate your realtor with meaningless pre-approval letters based on an online form. 


We do a thorough investigation of all the information you provide us. 97% of our official pre-approvals move on to full mortgage underwriting approval. (The other 3% are usually borrowers who change their mind about the property).


Our excellent results demonstrate our unwavering dedication to clients like you.

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Simplified Solutions for the Self-Employed

With mbanc, you don’t need a W-2 or tax returns to prove you can pay off a multi-million dollar mortgage. You can use up to 24 months of personal or business bank statement deposits and a short list of other details. The mbanc Bank Statement Jumbo mortgage program is a seamless pathway to real estate investing.

We work hard to meet your deadline.
Such a great experience with the mbanc team. When our other bank failed to honor the terms they quoted, with a very short escrow deadline looming, MBANC came through and funded by the promised close date. I would highly recommend using them for your home purchase.

S. V.

How the process works

It's as simple as using your bank deposits for a mortgage loan


Let's talk

Our mortgage bankers are experts, and you can learn a lot about your options during our first short conversation. The time you need with our experts on the call is at our expense – with no obligation to you at all. 


We tailor our process to you

You will have a knowledgeable, understanding, qualified loan agent assigned to you. All conversations are privacy-protected. We take the time to fully understand your business, your financial profile, and the purpose of your transaction. Then we design a mortgage that meets your individual requirements and your closing deadline.


Expert underwriting interpretation

We are business owners – just like you. We interpret your income based on your profession and can analyze your documents quickly and efficiently. Our ability to approach every loan file from various angles ensures a thorough and creative approach to underwriting.


A swift, thorough funding

Whether a purchase or refinance, mbanc understands the urgency for all parties involved in your transaction and shares an empathetic approach toward your circumstances and your loan file. You can rely on mbanc’s competency and vested responsibility to get the deal done on time.

Primary residences, second homes, and investment properties

The best thing about the mbanc Bank Statement loan is that it is flexible about the type of property you can use it for.


Whether it is a home or investment, why not take advantage of the equity-building, tax breaks, and long-term financial diversification that the property offers?

Mortgage solutions for any self-employed income scenario

Mortgage Approval Made Simple

Aside from great mortgage programs, at mbanc, you’ll find enthusiastic and knowledgeable experts ready to offer you premier service.

1099 Jumbo

Entreprenuers can now make large property purchases.

Asset Utilization

Use your liquid assets (instead of the usual tax returns) to apply.

Rental Income DSCR

Investment properties can create wealth and income.

Interest-Only Mortgage

Investors love the tax benefits for offsetting mortgage interest.

Self-Employed Mortgage Program

Discover how Bank Statement Mortgages can empower self-employed individuals on their path to securing mortgage financing

Connect with the mbanc team to get your customized loan solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Bank Statement Mortgages?

A Bank Statement Jumbo Mortgage is a specialized mortgage program that allows individuals to qualify for a home loan based on their personal or business bank deposits over a period of 12 or 24 months, instead of using traditional income documentation like tax returns. This program is particularly beneficial for self-employed borrowers whose tax returns may not accurately reflect their true income.

  • Proof of Income.
  • Personal Bank Statements: Qualifying income is determined by the total eligible deposits from the 24 or 12-months of personal statements divided by the number of statements.
  • Business Bank Statements: 24 or 12-months of business bank statements. Qualifying income is determined by one of the following analysis methods:
    • Fixed Expense Ratio (50%)
    • Expense ratio provided by a 3rd party (CPA or EA) min ratio of 10%.
  • If you co-own a business, you’ll need to document how much of the business you own.
  • Borrower Financial Details
  • Property Details

The program accommodates a wide range of property types, including single-family residences, condos (whether warrantable or non-warrantable), condo-tels, and residential units ranging from 1-4 units.

Many people buying homes may need to combine sources of income to qualify for a mortgage. Traditionally, this means two or more tax returns. However, self-employed borrowers can qualify for a self-employed mortgage using multiple sets of bank statements for the different businesses you may have.

This program provides a variety of refinance options, including rate & term refinance and unlimited cash-out refinance options, with the latter allowing you to access up to $3 million in cash.

Your specific mortgage rate is influenced by a range of elements: income evaluation method, down payment/equity status, credit score, loan term, income, and debt. Reach out to us for a complimentary quote on our competitive rates for self-employed mortgages and discover your potential qualification amount.