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Discover how Bank Statement Mortgages can empower self-employed individuals on their path to securing mortgage financing


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  • Loan Amounts Up To $4 Million.
  • Unlimited Refinance Cash Out Up to $3 Million
  • Minimum 660 FICO Score to Qualify
  • Qualify Using Business or Personal Bank Statements
  • No W-2s, Pay Stubs, Or Tax Returns Required.
  • Interest Only Options Available On All Programs.

What is a Self-Employed Home Loan?

Self Employed Mortgages are specifically designed to provide a seamless pathway to homeownership and real estate investing for self-employed borrowers. By considering your business or personal bank statements as evidence of your true income, this program ensures that your true financial profile is taken into account. It is a program designed to recognize your entrepreneurial spirit and reward you with accessible and flexible mortgage financing options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bank Statement Mortgages are specialized mortgage programs designed for self-employed borrowers. They allow applicants to use their bank statements as proof of income instead of traditional tax returns.


When using a 1099, we will review your total income and take away an expense ratio of 10% (unless otherwise provided) and qualify you on the remaining 90% of income. If you have several forms of income, we will add all of the sources together to determine your average monthly income. We can consider most sources of income that have a two-year history!

Self-employed borrowers will need to submit all required documentation to qualify, such as:

  • Proof of Income
    • 12 to 24 Months of Personal or Bank Statement
    • 1099 Income
    • W2 Income
  • 2 Years of Self-Employed Work History 
    • If you co-own a business, you’ll need to document how much of the business you own.
  • Borrower Financial Details
  • Property Details 

No, Bank Statement Mortgages can be used for primary residences, second homes, and investment properties.

Yes, Bank Statement Mortgages are generally more flexible because they consider a broader range of income sources. This flexibility can make it easier for self-employed individuals to qualify for a mortgage.

Many people buying homes may need to combine sources of income to qualify for a mortgage. Traditionally, this means two or more tax returns. However, self-employed borrowers can qualify for a self-employed mortgage using multiple different sources of income documentation.

Your specific mortgage rate is influenced by a range of elements: income evaluation method, down payment/equity status, credit score, loan term, income, and debt. Reach out to us for a complimentary quote on our competitive rates for self-employed mortgages and discover your potential qualification amount