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At MBANC, we understand that you have a choice of financial advisors and various mortgage options. With a combined experience of over 100 years, our knowledgeable leadership team provides the confidence you can bank on.


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Our Leadership

Michael Dallal ESQ

Has enjoyed a highly productive career in the mortgage industry as an advisor, consultant, and transaction pioneer. Michael is an attorney that has focused on transactional corporate and, real estate matters, Michael has concentrated on representing mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, federal and state depository institutions and federal credit unions in mortgage lending compliance and transactional matters.


Michael’s legal career has been focused on interpreting key areas of federal law and state regulatory compliance. Michael manages all licensing, contractual, and investor and regulatory compliance as the President of Mortgage Bank of California. Michael also has extensive experience in the capital markets practice since 2000.


Tabitha Mazzara

Joined the Mortgage Bank of California in 2015 and has a distinguished career and track record in the mortgage industry. Her experience encompasses nearly every phase of the mortgage lifecycle, from origination to securitization, as well as the associated trading activities related with these instruments. Having started her career as an analyst and programmer, creating and developing financial models, Tabitha has a rare perspective of the industry’s many intricacies and interrelationships.


She is well versed in whole note structuring and securitization, building and managing mortgage trading and origination operations. Tabitha’s primary responsibilities include but are not limited to managing all functions associated with the loan operations processes and procedures, including pipeline management, valuation, risk metrics, pricing, trading and financial reporting.

Director of Operations

Mayer Dallal

Over 20 years of experience with mortgage and investment related sales, loan origination, direct-to-consumer marketing, itinerant professional networking with real estate agents and brokers, financial planners, CPAs, attorneys, religious organizations and corresponding regional lender representatives, conventional and government FHA, VA, USDA, retail and wholesale mortgage underwriting, credit analysis, real estate and fund investment and financial planning; substantial knowledge of collateral valuation, due diligence and quality assurance, risk management and loss mitigation; pertinent federal and state real estate laws and state-by-state compliance.

Managing Director

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