Mbanc Client Success: Cash Out Refinance For Home Renovations

Mbanc Client Success: Cash Out Refinance For Home Renovations

Mbanc Client Success: Cash Out Refinance For Home Renovations

In 2022, Jonathan, a self-employed business owner with a keen eye for real estate, made a bold move by purchasing a rare Southern Exposure Key West Style beachfront vacation home in Saint James City. The property, boasting a breathtaking view of Sanibel Island, promised a daily greeting from dolphins and manatees. Jonathan envisioned a paradise of his own without the exorbitant Sanibel prices.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Jonathan decided to embark on a significant renovation journey to transform his beachfront retreat into a personal haven. Financing this venture through his self-employed business accounts, he sought the expertise of Mbanc to navigate the complex landscape of cash-out refinancing in Florida.

Self Employed Advantage

Jonathan was no stranger to Mbanc, having successfully utilized their financial solutions for his real estate portfolios in the past. Mbanc’s innovative Bank Statement Mortgage options and Debt-Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) Mortgage options had previously paved the way for his success.

What sets Mbanc apart is its commitment to providing a seamless, peace-of-mind process for clients, especially in the often challenging realm of real estate financing. Jonathan, a testament to this philosophy, found that working with Mbanc ensured not only financial success but also a stress-free experience.

Cash Out Refinance

In 2022, Jonathan acquired his vacation home for $1,349,250. Fast forward just over 12 months, and the property’s value has skyrocketed to over $2 million—a remarkable 48% increase in equity. Jonathan, recognizing the potential in his investment, decided to leverage this newfound equity through a cash-out refinance.

Employing his business bank statements, Jonathan seamlessly qualified for a Mbanc Bank Statement Mortgage. The dedicated mortgage experts at Mbanc took a common-sense and vested approach to Jonathan’s file, prioritizing his financial goals and investment success.

Swift and Effective Process

Jonathan’s journey with Mbanc didn’t just stop at qualification. In a remarkable 21 days, he applied for his cash-out refinance and received the funds in hand. This expedited process allowed him to recoup his initial investment promptly and redirect the funds back into his growing business.

Why Mbanc? 

Jonathan’s success story with Mbanc exemplifies the effectiveness of a client-focused approach in real estate financing. Mbanc’s commitment to providing tailored solutions, such as Bank Statement Mortgages and DSCR Mortgage options, empowers self-employed individuals like Jonathan to turn their real estate dreams into reality.

At Mbanc, the priority is not just on closing deals but on ensuring the client’s financial investment is safeguarded and nurtured. Jonathan’s experience serves as a testament to the fact that, with Mbanc, navigating the complexities of real estate financing can indeed be a seamless and rewarding process. If you’re a business owner looking to unlock the full potential of your real estate investments, Mbanc is the partner you’ve been searching for.

Securing a mortgage through Mbanc stands out in contrast to the experience with other lenders. From the onset, you engage with informed, empathetic, and expert loan officers dedicated to identifying optimal solutions for your mortgage requirements. The high praise reflected in positive client reviews on Google serves as a compelling testament to the exceptional standard of our customer service.

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