MBANC Extends Services to Nevada

MBANC Extends Services to Nevada

MBANC Extends Services to Nevada

MBANC is now in the great state of Nevada, serving borrowers and realtors to secure loans across a wide range of products! Fast, simple mortgage applications for self-employed borrowers and investors is MBANC’s specialty, and we are eager to provide our services and mortgage programs in Nevada

The perfect partner for realtors

For realtors, MBANC’s expansion into Nevada is great news. It opens up opportunities to show aggressive fast-closing sales to clients, knowing MBANC can help get to close in 30 days. Realtors can scale client lists, catering to current and new shoppers who may be investors or self-employed homeseekers who might’ve had trouble getting approved in the past. 

Capturing clientele in the luxury market can be challenging, but MBANC’s jumbo mortgages can be the tool in the realtor’s toolbag to secure those high-value shoppers as well. With several products that make it fast and easy to go from application to close, MBANC’s mortgages are the right fit.

Full slate of mortgage options

MBANC has mortgage products that serve sectors that are often on the fringes in the lending market. Business owners, investors, and self-employed borrowers have access to several mortgage types depending on their needs. 

  • Bank Statement Jumbo loans are a great Non-QM product that uses alternative methods to verify income and affordability, fitting the entrepreneur well. 
  • Rental Income DSCR uniquely allows borrowers to use income generated by rental properties to qualify for the mortgage, unlocking potential from the property’s cash flow. 
  • 1099-Only Mortgages are ideal for applicants that can verify self-employment income with 1099 statements without requiring tax returns or bank statements, based heavily on understanding the business concept. 
  • Prime Jumbo/Super Jumbo mortgages provide high-value loans for self-employed borrowers with full documentation with excellent LTV ratios when the borrower is well-qualified.
  • Interest Only Mortgage MBANC’s Interest Only Mortgage is now the solution in today’s ever-changing market. Lock in a 40-year fixed mortgage with an initial fixed 10-year interest only term payment.
  • Foreign National Jumbo This mortgage is a great option for someone who may not live In the United States and wants to Purchase or Refinance a property. This program works for individuals who live and work in the United States that want to purchase but may not have a Social Security number, a Green Card or proper documentation

Closing a loan is fast and easy

When other lenders struggle to get you approved or reject your application, MBANC can often get the deal approved and funded in 20 days.

“I thought I would have no chance at an approval until I stumbled on MBANC – if you are self-employed, you know that most banks simply don’t get it and look at you on paper very differently than your real financial situation. MBANC as he had the smarts and creativity to get it done. A+ service and products!”

“Being a realtor in this industry I know several loan officers and I can assure you there is no one better to use for your next purchase! I have personally purchased several homes for myself in the past several years. Mayer and his team go above and beyond in all aspects. It really has been a wonderful experience and I will be using them again for another purchase soon!”

How MBANC can help

With service now in Nevada, MBANC is here to help. Get the mortgage you deserve with fast, friendly, and knowledgeable service. Whether you’re a self-employed borrower or investor or you’re a realtor working with a client’s unique needs, call or click today to find out how we can get the approval you need.

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