Buyer hesitation from interest rate hikes? 

The Fed’s recent interest rate hike — their first since 2018 — may have home buyers pressing pause on their plans, but with more increases on the horizon, the time to buy is now.

MBANC can help hesitant homebuyers get attractive loans, including our interest-only loan that keeps monthly payments low and converts to a fixed rate after 10 years

Help your clients learn about the advantages of going with a Non-QM lender like MBANC:

Traditional Lender:Non QM Lender:
Limited loan amountsSignificantly higher loan amounts
Can only qualify using W2s, tax returnsBroad qualification criteria:
• Assets
• Rental income
• Bank statements
• Stock options
• Cryptocurrency
• more
Standardized underwriting, no exceptionsNimble, flexible concierge-level underwriting tailored to unique income situations
Limited debt-to-income ratio requirementMore expansive debt-to-income ratio requirements
All information and documentation provided is verified and validated.All information and documentation provided is verified and validated.

Tell your clients the time to act is now, before the next interest rate hike.