MBANC Success Stories: Seamless Solution To Complex Income

MBANC Success Stories: Seamless Solution To Complex Income

MBANC Success Stories: Seamless Solution To Complex Income

In the heart of Boca Raton, Florida, a city known for its upscale shops, world-class golf courses, and pristine beaches, Craig, a Senior Financial Advisor with Wells Fargo, was on a quest. His mission? To find his dream home in this picturesque enclave. As an investment banker, Craig’s financial profile was anything but ordinary. His earnings, a mix of a base salary complemented by generous commissions and bonuses, painted a picture of success. But that wasn’t all. Craig also boasted a substantial asset portfolio, a treasure trove he could tap into if the need arose to finance his home.

Interpreting Unconventional Income

In August, the stars aligned. Craig stumbled upon a Boca Raton gem, a residence that resonated with his aspirations, listed at a cool $2,161,000. But the journey to acquire this dream home was not without its hurdles. Traditional lenders, ironically from the same financial institutions Craig was a part of, found his unconventional income puzzling. The result? A denied loan application. One might wonder, how could a financial advisor from a traditional institution fall victim to the very guidelines of his own industry? Enter MBANC

MBANC Expert Concierge Support

From the moment Craig approached MBANC, it was evident that this was no ordinary mortgage company. Their experts didn’t just process his application; they delved deep, interpreting Craig’s unique financial scenario with finesse. Every interaction, whether with processors, underwriters, or even the ownership, echoed a commitment to understanding and addressing Craig’s concerns.

MBANC’s solution? A Self-Employed Bank Statement Jumbo mortgage, tailored to fit Craig’s profile like a glove.

But the story doesn’t end here. As the mortgage process was in full swing, Craig was gearing up for an annual family vacation. The clock was ticking, and he was keen on sealing the deal before jetting off. Recognizing the urgency, Senior Underwriter Latee Langie and Principal Owner Tabitha Mazzara took the reins. Their daily phone calls with Craig ensured no stone was left unturned, from gathering essential documentation to navigating the intricacies of his debt-to-income ratio (DTI).

In a twist, the MBANC team discovered a recent charge on Craig’s credit card—a family vacation expense that momentarily skewed his DTI. But with Latee’s timely advice, Craig swiftly settled a $21,000 debt, clearing the path for his mortgage approval.

Experience the MBANC Difference

Fast forward to less than 30 days from his application, and picture this: Craig, lounging on a beach, sipping Mai tais, celebrating the purchase of his dream home. This seamless experience is a testament to MBANC’s dedication. Every professional, genuinely invested in each mortgage transaction, ensuring clients’ needs are not just met, but exceeded.

In the world of mortgage lending, many promise, but few deliver. MBANC stands apart, turning dreams into reality, one client at a time. That, dear reader, is the MBANC Difference. Don’t let the complexities of self-employment hold you back; reach out to MBANC today and begin your own success story.

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