Real Estate Property Investment in Reunion, Florida: Closed Mbanc Deals

An image of the backyard of a real estate property investment that has all the amenities you need to realize a comfortable ROI.

Real Estate Property Investment in Reunion, Florida: Closed Mbanc Deals

Real Estate Property Investment in Reunion, Florida: Closed Mbanc Deals

An image of the backyard of a real estate property investment that has all the amenities you need to realize a comfortable ROI.

For self-made people like you, success is like an old friend. And, incidentally, success is what you will meet if you choose to pursue a real estate property investment in Reunion, Fl. This luxury investment property possesses all the amenities and is in a prime location, which can help you achieve the kind of financial freedom the American Dream is built on with the help of self-employed mortgage solutions like DSCR Interest-Only Jumbo Loans.

Couple that with the cutting-edge short-term rental data intelligence powered by STR Verifi, a short-term rental calculator that provides unrivaled market insights to forecast and measure rental revenue, seasonality, average daily rates, occupancy rates, and market analysis to identify and qualify for viable properties faster and easier than ever and with complete confidence, and any market will be at your mercy. 

At mbanc, we specialize in self-employed mortgage solutions and have helped self-made people finance properties to achieve their American Dream for years. Read a case study to learn how our self-employed borrower mortgage options can help:

A Real Estate Property Investment in Reunion, FL: About the Property

Let’s examine this real estate property investment in Reunion, Fl, to demonstrate how our self-employed mortgage solutions, like our DSCR Interest-Only Jumbo Loan, can help you capitalize on unrivaled short-term rental profits to build generational wealth.

The amazement begins as soon as you enter the doors at the High Flight as you are greeted with the backend of a vintage airplane suspended above the foyer. Yes, you heard that correctly. A vintage airplane in the foyer. Which is a fitting representation of how high profits will soar with this investment property in Reunion, Florida. 

This 5,530 square foot, one-of-a-kind 10-bedroom, 8.5-bathroom home was designed with unequaled (and supremely marketable) features, such as: 

  • Custom-designed, themed bedrooms
  • A private pool with views of the luxurious Watson golf course
  • A private movie theater with 2 large velvet sofas 
  • An entertainment loft
  • A game room with an abundance of simulators
  • And so much more

Spend a few minutes in this investment property in Reunion, and you might think you’re in a simulation of paradise in the game room, but you can rest assured that it’s all real and offers the experience of a lifetime. Your dream vacation will be right at home here. 

Plus, at the end of the day, people will pay top dollar for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, meaning that you can earn plenty with this property if you choose to use it as a luxury vacation rental. 

But the location is also a dream with this property. High Flight is in the renowned Reunion Resort that offers luxury resort amenities.

On top of the neighborhood, this home is just 6 miles from the world-famous Walt Disney World®, 20 miles from Universal Studios™, 17 miles from SeaWorld, 14 miles from shopping outlets, and a stone’s throw away from a supermarket. 

All that being said, what do you get? The vacation home of your dreams and an investment property that will generate the wealth you need to make your dreams come true. Let’s get into how unconventional mortgage lenders can help close on a dream property like this.

A Real Estate Property Investment in Reunion, FL: Self-Employed Mortgage Solutions

We helped Eric close on this luxury real estate property investment in Florida in 2022 for $1,400,00 using our DSCR Interest-Only Jumbo loan program. 

This huge property is perfect as a vacation home, but its endless amenities also make it a premier short-term rental. Still, obtaining financing was a headache and a never-ending maze of paperwork and documentation. That is until meeting mbanc. 

Qualifying for conventional loans required 12 months of tax returns and needless documentation. Using our DSCR program, Eric qualified using the projected short-term rental income and other practical qualifications. 

Still, like so many self-made individuals, Eric was strategic.

By leveraging the cutting-edge short-term rental analytics powered by STR Verifi, he received all the information he needed to acquire financing in a report instantly. The information in this report that helped him qualify for this gem included:

  • A market grade of A
  • An occupancy rate of 59% (compared to the 48% national average)
  • An average daily rate of $640 (compared to the $276 market average)
  • A 33% year-over-year increase in short-term rental revenue

With an interest-only payment of $8,581 and generating monthly revenue of $11,441, he could prove that the rental income of this dream property would cover the mortgage payment and more, and he would enjoy a net profit of $2,860 monthly ($34,320 annually.)

Self-Employed Mortgage Solutions from Unconventional Income Mortgage Lenders

It should be as clear as the blue Florida skies: purchasing a real estate property investment is an unmatched opportunity to build generational wealth and live your American Dream. Still, it can be difficult to acquire financing for non-traditional, modern borrowers like you who have succeeded and live on their terms. But when you partner with a non-traditional income mortgage lender committed to your success, this is a thing of the past. 

At mbanc, we provide self-employed mortgage solutions and expert guidance to help you navigate the loan process with confidence and peace of mind. Learn more about how we can finance a property and talk to our team today, and explore our DSCR financing options.

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