A Real Estate Property Investment in Hawaii: mbanc Closed Deals

A gorgeous real estate property investment in Hawaii that we helped close on and that has enabled Jace to reach his American Dream.

A Real Estate Property Investment in Hawaii: mbanc Closed Deals

A Real Estate Property Investment in Hawaii: mbanc Closed Deals

A gorgeous real estate property investment in Hawaii that we helped close on and that has enabled Jace to reach his American Dream.

When you create generational wealth, your entire life can feel like one long holiday in Honolulu, Hawaii. While this kind of wealth may feel inaccessible to some, a real estate property investment in Hawaii will make this more accessible than ever before. 

Using mortgage solutions like DSCR Interest-Only Jumbo Loans and the innovative short-term rental data intelligence powered by STR Verifi, a short-term rental calculator that provides unrivaled market analysis to forecast and measure rental revenue to identify and qualify for viable properties faster and easier than ever and with complete confidence, it will be more than a possibility. It will be a reality as it empowers you to reign supreme over any market like the pristine blue skies propped in place by palm trees in Hawaii. 

At mbanc, we specialize in self-employed mortgage solutions and have helped self-made people finance properties to make their American Dream a reality for years. Read a case study to learn how our self-employed borrower mortgage options can help you. 

A Real Estate Property Investment in Hawaii: About the Property

To understand the value of our self-employed mortgage solutions and the short-term rental data powered by the cutting-edge short-term rental calculator STR Verifi, let’s look at this investment property in Hawaii. 

This real estate property investment is nestled in the slopes of Hualalai and boasts breathtaking coastline views. Driving into the stamped concrete circular drive surrounded by fenced pastures, you’ll know you’ve reached paradise. Sitting off the road for total privacy, its location makes it supremely marketable, but it has plenty more to offer. 

Built in 1989 and with over 3,123 square feet in the roof-covered main dwelling, this expansive 5-bathroom and 5-bedroom (a bedroom count only 8% of properties have in the market) property has:

  • An office with a breathtaking view
  • A wraparound lanai 
  • Separate, huge utility rooms
  • Two swimming pools (one for adults and one for kids) with three waterfalls
  • A hot tub
  • A 550-square-foot cottage for additional guest quarters and an additional hot tub
  • An indoor fireplace
  • A large kitchen, living room, and dining room
  • A pool table
  • End bedrooms equipped with lanais, providing a stunning ocean view
  • A solar hot water tank with propane Palmona for instant heat backup
  • An 800-square-foot detached garage with more space
  • Apple, banana, star fruit, fig, star apple, sour sop, lilikoi, lychee, lemon, tangerine, orange, avocado, coconut, and pineapple trees

You and your renters will never want to leave this secluded, serene, and heavenly estate. So, without further ado, let’s examine how we helped Jace kill two birds with one coconut by carving out his piece of paradise and the American Dream in one fell swoop.

A Real Estate Property Investment in Hawaii: Self-Employed Mortgage Solutions

We helped Jace, a seasoned real estate investor with an impressive real estate portfolio that spans the United States, close on this investment property with the help of our self-employed mortgage solutions and the power of STR Verifi data analysis. 

“Jace came to mbanc in search of financing when traditional lenders made purchasing this piece of paradise feel impossible because of his unconventional source of income. People will pay a premium to stay in paradise, so we had no problem helping Jace secure funding to continue to build generational wealth. Using projected short-term rental revenue from STR Verifi and a DSCR Interest-Only Jumbo Mortgage, Jace partnered with us to pave the way for an unimaginably profitable real estate property investment and unlock the full potential of this investment property. – Jason Rod, mbanc Loan Officer

Like most self-made individuals, Jace has vision, and he recognized an unmissable opportunity on the slopes of Hualalai. By leveraging data we were able to access instantly in a report from STR Verifi, we qualified him for a DSCR Interest-Only Jumbo mortgage. 

We generated these unprecedentedly accurate metrics with the simple click of a button, and the opportunity was clear as day. These metrics included: 

  • A market grade of ‘A-’ (with an 88 in rental demand and 95 in seasonality) 
  • An average daily rate of $1,345 (82.5% more than the market average of $236)
  • An occupancy rate of 86% 
  • Average monthly revenue of $23,393 (79% more than the market average of $4,895)

The interest-only jumbo payment for this property is $11,548, meaning this property generates $11,848 in monthly cash flow alone, yielding $142,140 net profit annually. And that’s not even counting the potential equity gain Jace will reap down the line. 

The best part? Thanks to the DSCR mortgage, the property literally pays for itself. 

STR Verifi also reveals that this property has experienced a 21.5% year-over-year growth in short-term rental revenue, meaning the clean, blue Hawaiian skies are truly the limit when it comes to this breathtaking property.

Self-Employed Mortgage Solutions from Unconventional Income Mortgage Lenders

Hawaii may seem like one of the only places in the world that is heaven on earth, but strategically purchasing a real estate property investment will enable you to create the kind of generational wealth and financial freedom you need to make heaven on earth wherever you want it to be. 

By leveraging the innovative short-term rental analysis powered by STR Verifi with self-employed borrower mortgage options like a DSCR Interest-Only Loan, making your American Dream a reality has never been easier. 

At mbanc, we provide self-employed mortgage solutions and expert guidance every step of the way.  Learn more about how we can finance an investment property and talk to our team today, and explore our DSCR loans and mortgages. Aloha! 🤙

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