Asset Based Loans: Qualify based on what you have, not on what you make

Maybe you’re retired, or newly divorced. Maybe you’re running a business that has plenty of assets, but low cash flow. You may be a perfect candidate for an asset-based loan. 

Most lenders want to see income taxes statements or W2s. But if your monthly income doesn’t truly reflect the big picture or your worth, we can help with our asset-based loan. 

Borrowers can qualify for an asset-based loan through assets such as properties, inheritance funds, retirement accounts, investments, or even cryptocurrency. 


  • Borrow up to $4 million
  • No W2, tax returns or pay stubs required
  • 40-year fixed with a 10-year interest-only payment available
  • 2-8 unit mixed-use properties are eligible
  • Min 660 FICO to qualify
  • Max LTV up to 80%
  • Mortgage amounts vary based on LTV, Credit, and overall creditworthiness*

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MBANC has program that can make borrowing easy: