Real Estate Investment in Houston: Closed Mbanc Deals

Real Estate Investment in Houston: Closed Mbanc Deals

Real Estate Investment in Houston: Closed Mbanc Deals

Everyone knows the saying everything’s bigger in Texas. Well, that applies to more than pickup trucks and spreads of barbecue. That adage has never been more true than when you look at the equity gains you can realize from a real estate investment in Houston. At mbanc, we specialize in self-employed mortgage solutions, including cash-out refinancing options, to help you navigate the loan process with confidence and peace of mind. 

For years, we have helped self-made people finance properties to achieve their American Dream. Read a case study to learn how our financing solutions can help:

A Real Estate Investment in Houston: About the Property

Let’s take a look at this rental property investment in Houston to illustrate the value of self-employed mortgage solutions like our interest-only DSCR loans and competitive cash-out refinance rates. 

This property is a shining example of the long-term benefits Houston area property equity gains provide buyers. As one of the best homes in the Houston area, this 16,000+ square foot estate sits on a 10-acre, lighted lot. 

It has 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and open interior and outdoor spaces that are perfect for entertaining. This home also has: 

  • A custom kitchen 
  • A large living room 
  • A large game room 
  • A sports bar with three TVs 
  • A sauna 
  • A steam shower 
  • A large gym 
  • An outdoor kitchen
  • A 12-deep pool 
  • A fully lit tennis and sports court 
  • An elevator 
  • A wine/cigar room 
  • Huge, custom grand closets

This home represents living at its finest, with all the luxuries one could hope for. You truly must see it to believe it. So, without further ado, let’s explore how a unconventional income mortgage lender can help people like you realize unimaginable equity gains. 

A Real Estate Investment in Houston: Self-Employed Mortgage Solutions

Ashley financed and closed on this investment property in Houston for $2,950,000 back in 2015. Today, this property is worth $4,300,000, a 46% equity gain. But there’s a catch: Ashley is a self-made and self-employed business owner

Like so many people who have succeeded on their terms, she has an unconventional income. For people with non-traditional financial situations, finding a mortgage lender who understands their circumstances is notoriously difficult. 

That is until she found mbanc, one of the premier non-traditional income mortgage lenders. 

“Ashley came with a mission to leverage excellent Houston area property equity gains to reinvest in her business while paying off other debts. When borrowers come to us with these goals, we always go above and beyond to find the perfect self-employed mortgage solutions for their situation. We worked with her to finance her dream home, build long-term wealth in equity, pay off her debt, and reinvest in her business. We are more than just a lender; we partner with borrowers and are invested in their success.” – Desh Weragoda, mbanc CTO

Ashley could achieve her goals thanks to our fast closing time for self-employed loans. Using only 24 months of business bank statements, we got her approved to close on her dream home in only 13 days. 

Still, our partnership with borrowers goes far beyond closing. We also offer competitive cash-out refinance rates. A while later, we helped her pay off debt with cash-out refinance solutions and continue building property equity with a self-employed mortgage. 

Mbanc’s bank statement jumbo refinance cash out empowered Ashley to focus on reinvesting business profits with cash-out refinance solutions to exponentially grow her wealth.

Self-Employed Mortgage Solutions from Unconventional Income Mortgage Lenders

Pursuing real estate investment in Houston is an excellent opportunity to build generational wealth. Still, for non-traditional, modern borrowers with non-conventional jobs, acquiring financing can be difficult. You need a lender who specializes in fast, easy financing for people who want to succeed and live on their terms. Whether you are interested in a bank statement jumbo refinance cash-out or an interest-only DSCR loan, we can help. At mbanc, we specialize in self-employed mortgage solutions to help you navigate the loan process with confidence and peace of mind.

The American Dream starts at home, and our self-employed financing solutions help that dream take shape and come to life. Learn more about how we can finance or refinance a property, and talk to our team today.

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