Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in the USA in 2023

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The Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in 2023

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs remains one of the best places to invest in real estate. Since the 1930s, the most popular movie stars have vacationed here, and it boasts a rich history, cultural attractions, natural hot springs, and high-end restaurants and golf courses. 

Plus, neverending sunshine means tourist season never ends, which is why this is touted by many as the best place to buy investment property. Fortunately, an innovative short-term rental calculator like STR Verifi distills that into a comprehensive report instantly. 

Firstly, it has an overall market grade of a B+ (70.03/100). But a grade doesn’t tell the whole story. Notable scores include a rental demand score of 58, a seasonality score of 79, and an investability score of 68. 

The seasonality score is particularly impressive and indicates people will come to Palm Springs all year round. 

The occupancy rate sits well above the national average (40%) at 62%, and revenue continues to climb year-over-year by a staggering 19.02%, so your investment will only grow and generate more income. 

Properties here generate $45,000 annually after operational expenses are paid, which can provide the financial freedom you need to experience true freedom. 

Miami, Florida

When considering the best places to invest in real estate, the opportunities in Florida are as abundant as the chill, tropical climate. 

Places like Key West and Boca Raton offer excellent market conditions in their own right, but Miami refuses to abdicate its throne atop the Florida real estate market with unequaled opportunities that render it one of the best places to invest in an Airbnb nationwide.

Miami’s market conditions create a perfect storm that will make it rain profits in a torrential downpour. With favorable laws for landlords, unequaled tax benefits (no income tax), and a constant stream of affluent tourists, Miami is in a league of its own.

A state-of-the-art short-term rental calculator like STR Verifi reveals a market grade of B with stellar scores in rental demand (70) and seasonality (77). Its 67% occupancy rate means you can expect renters 21 days per month. 

You can easily earn $90,972 annually, and a graph illustrates a 3.29% year-over-year growth in revenue, so this will only increase. With operating costs totaling $20,845, you will have an extra $70,127 tax-free in your pocket in passive income alone each year. 

Evansville, Indiana

Finding the best places to invest in an Airbnb requires uncovering hidden gems. After all, the country is enormous, and countless markets have untapped potential. 

The middle of the country is a low-key treasure trove of culture. Evansville, Indiana, is a shining example, steeped in a rich history with the Reitz Home Museum, Angel Mounds State Historic Site, the Evansville Museum of Arts, and the History and Science Museum.

Evansville ranks as one of the best places to invest in real estate in 2023. A cutting-edge tool like STR Verifi enables you to evaluate this market instantly, revealing a market grade of A+ (86.88/100) due to tourism and a growing economy. 

Notable scores include a rental demand score of 71, a seasonality score of 71, and an investability score of 93. Also, its occupancy rate is at 62%, and graphs show that the rental growth rate continues to increase year-over-year.  

Evansville is a great location because home values are relatively low, and you can expect an average ROI of approximately $27,000 annually after all is said and done. 

Unequaled Financing for Property in the Best Places to Invest in Real Estate

Choosing the best place to buy investment property in the USA depends on your circumstances, which is the beauty of a cutting-edge tool like STR Verifi. You can evaluate markets in granular detail anywhere in the country to find the prime investment location for your unique needs. At mbanc, we offer expert guidance in navigating the best places to invest in real estate and streamlined easy financing.

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