Short-Term Rental Calculators: An Expert, Step-By-Step Guide

Short-Term Rental Calculators: An Expert, Step-By-Step Guide

Short-Term Rental Calculators: An Expert, Step-By-Step Guide

Investing in property is an exciting prospect, but it can be daunting because it comes with considerable risk. Fortunately, short-term rental calculators like mbanc Invest offer an unrivaled advantage when purchasing traditional or Airbnb investment properties, enabling you to eliminate the unknown from rental property investments, conquer your market, and maximize profits. Using industry-leading short-term rental analytics, mbanc Invest streamlines this process and optimizes decision-making. Learn how to use mbanc Invest to learn what it can do for you, no matter your market:

Get Set Up

To get started using this cutting-edge short-term rental calculator, enter the mbanc Invest registration portal, and provide your basic information: 

  • First name 
  • Last name 
  • Email
  • Phone number 
  • Company name (if applicable)
  • Password 

Afterward, calibrate your profile settings, so your short-term rental analytics align with your needs and goals for optimum decision-making.

Scour a City

Next, use the rentalizer to choose a city to search within. This feature of our unparalleled short-term rental calculator enables you to instantly browse any city nationwide. 

Just input the city, and you will receive a comprehensive overview of investment opportunities in each area. More importantly, you will receive actionable short-term rental data and insights into the market to forecast your investment property ROI with unparalleled accuracy, including:

  • An overall market grade
  • Rental activity
  • Rental growth
  • Most searched locations
  • The average traditional and Airbnb cash-on-cash ROI for each region
  • The total number of properties in the city
  • A heat map to help identify areas that satisfy your unique needs
  • And much more

Before getting into the minutiae of your search, mbanc Invest enables you to home in on the perfect city for your investment with unprecedented ease.

Choose the Right Neighborhood

After selecting a city, mbanc Invest can help identify the ideal neighborhood for your investment. 

mbanc Invest provides all the essential short-term rental analytics, metrics, and calculations needed to make the optimal decision that meets your unique criteria. This data includes:

  • Average income
  • Exported neighborhood listings
  • Cash on cash returns
  • Home prices
  • Airbnb occupancy rates
  • Home types
  • Traditional/Airbnb rental comparisons
  • Neighborhood optimal strategy
  • Home sizes
  • And much more

Narrowing down your property to the right neighborhood is essential to making the right decision, which is one of many mbanc Invest advantages.

Find Your Property

After selecting a city and neighborhood, you can find the prime investment property for your needs using mbanc Invest. 

Input any address into the search bar, and within seconds, our short-term rental calculator generates an unprecedented window into each property’s earning potential via a single printable report that eliminates the need for documents that convolute the process. 

Plus, interactive filters enable you to search in finer, more personalized detail to isolate the short-term rental analytics you need to find a property that meets your desired criteria and returns. Within seconds, you have access to:

  • Expense breakdowns/timelines
  • Property sizes
  • Top property managers
  • Seasonal rental trends
  • Mortgage and financing information
  • Annual revenue (month over month & year over year)
  • Occupancy rates
  • Capitalization rates
  • And much more

Essentially, mbanc Invest offers insights that give you an unrivaled vantage of each property’s value and earning potential per your specific needs, which is nothing short of a competitive edge when mastering your market.  

Analyze & Compare Data

After narrowing down the city, neighborhood, and property, you can leverage the short-term rental data for a comprehensive analysis and property comparisons. 

Using proprietary algorithms, mbanc Invest makes projections for regions nationwide, meaning you receive an objective perspective of a prospective investment property. Using reliable, accurate information is crucial to optimizing investments and closing sales.

In conjunction with sources for traditional comps and Airbnb rental comps, within minutes, our short-term rental calculator helps you gain a concrete understanding of the earning potential of a property and how it compares to any other property nationwide. 

Talk to Our Team to Learn More About mbanc Invest, the Short-Term Rental Calculator

If you are looking for an unparalleled advantage over your market, mbanc Invest enables you to turn months of research into a search that takes mere minutes. Just as importantly, it consolidates everything you need onto one platform. Embrace the mbanc Invest rental estimator and eliminate the unknown from property investments through our cutting-edge short-term rental analytics.

Everything you need to know about a property to optimize an investment has never been so accessible. Talk with our team to learn how we can help you conquer your market.

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