Mortgages for Foreign Nationals: Yes We Can

Mortgages for Foreign Nationals: Yes We Can

Mortgages for Foreign Nationals: Yes We Can

Many people without U.S. citizenship remain perpetual renters, because they believe the hurdles to home ownership are too high. In fact, there’s a clear path to becoming a homeowner through programs known as foreign national mortgages.

Foreign nationals have historically felt discouraged from home ownership due to the difficulties of establishing a credit score on U.S. soil. But foreign national mortgage programs address this by offering loans for which no U.S. credit history is needed to apply.

So there is no reason for non-citizen residents to hesitate if they are ready to jump into the real estate market.

Highlights of our foreign national mortgage programs include:

  • No social security number, green card, or visa required for many borrowers
  • No credit score required 
  • Qualify for a mortgage with as low as 20% down
  • Keep your monthly payments low with our interest-only program
  • Loan amounts up to $2.5M
  • Maximum debt-to income (DTI) ratios up to 50%
  • For investment property purchases, first-time investors are eligible

Without a credit history that proves you’ve been trustworthy with money you’ve borrowed in the past, traditional lenders often shy away from approving and funding a mortgage application. That’s not the case with foreign national mortgages. While a credit history might provide non-citizens a leg up in the home purchasing process, most lenders will allow you to prove your financial history through alternate means, such as references from creditors, rent payments, or even receipts on bills.

At MBANC, we can help foreign nationals living in the U.S. work around the absence of a credit score. We help service loans for home purchase that cut through red tape, and help you own a piece of the American dream.

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