Pimp My Airbnb: Remodel Your Bathroom to Maximize Revenue

Pimp My Airbnb: Remodel Your Bathroom to Maximize Revenue

Pimp My Airbnb: Remodel Your Bathroom to Maximize Revenue

Let’s face it; everyone and their mother (and their mother’s mother) has an Airbnb these days. While this is a testament to the opportunity short-term rentals offer, it also means there’s more competition than ever. With so many options available to your road-weary, suitcase-wheeling, backpack-hauling transient tenants, setting yourself apart requires more than the bare minimum, and it sure as hell takes more than a prime locale, a roof over their head, a pillow beneath it, and a fast wifi connection to win them over.

So, how can you set yourself apart? Details, my friend, details, details, details…

The smallest details make the biggest difference and make your guests thank their five lucky stars they chose your Airbnb over the countless others saturating the market. Here is how to style your short-term rental bathroom during an Airbnb remodel to turn your home away from home into the object of each guest’s followers’ envy when they see the selfies from their stay. After all, jealousy means you’re doing something right (We think so, at least):

Building A Bathroom During an Airbnb Remodel that Flushes the Competition

Just because it’s where you take care of business doesn’t mean the bathroom has to be all business. Anyone who spends a considerable amount of time scrolling their timeline in the bathroom (i.e. anyone with a pulse) knows it’s a (sometimes steamy) sanctuary. 

It is important to keep in mind that the bathroom can often be a main selling point for guests. So, at the end of the day, you want the bathroom to attract guests, not flies, which requires due diligence and, of course, dollar, dollar bills, y’all.  

First and foremost, start with the flooring during your Airbnb remodel. The floor is, ultimately, the foundation for more than the structure; it lays the foundation for your guests’ comfort. 

Simply put, old, dingy floors with unidentifiable stains (that border on HAZMAT) give guests the ick. Start by buying nice, neutral-colored tiles for your bathroom. On that note, a new toilet should also sit at the top of your priorities list. 

While you’re at it, ensure you purchase and install nice new cabinets and a nice mirror because those scratches and smudges will most def get in the way of them, well, feeling themselves. A bronze sink and marble countertops will also really elevate the space. 

Your shower should be spacious with new, soothing-toned tiles, like greys or blues, and a waterfall shower head. If it doesn’t have good water pressure, the pressure is officially on. Because no one wants to deal with that. Here are other amenities to include:

  • Shower dispensers 
  • A top-of-the-line hair dryer
  • Premier toiletries, including cologne and perfume
  • Nice, new towels
  • A Bluetooth shower speaker

During your Airbnb remodel, we also recommend designing the space around the mirror specifically for selfies. Things like colorful neon signs with inspirational quotes hung above the mirror and surrounding it with 3D green leaf wall decor will be an excellent touch. Otherwise, were they even there? ​​

It’s like the adage: If a tree falls in a forest, but no one’s around to take a selfie beside it, did it even fall at all? OK, that’s not quite how it goes, but you get the point.

Talk With Our Team Today To Learn How We Can Finance Your Airbnb Remodel

A short-term rental can be your ticket to a brighter future, but it is important to ensure you can afford the cost of admission. For people like you who want to succeed on your terms and lead modern, non-conventional lives, getting financing to remodel your Airbnb can be a struggle. Without traditional income, conventional lenders will, unfortunately, avoid you like the plague. To further complicate things, remodeling our bathroom to attract premier clientele requires considerable capital when all’s said and done.

Fortunately, at mbanc, we offer no-income DSCR loans to help finance an Airbnb remodel to remodel your financial future. Talk with our team to learn how we can help.

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