Real Estate Property Investment in Marathon, Florida: Closed Mbanc Deals

Marathon, Florida, is a remarkable Florida Keys escape that offers some of the best investment opportunities in the country. But, similar to the name of this locale, when it comes to pursuing a real estate property investment, this process is truly a marathon and not a sprint. But with the right tools and lender on your side, you can still break records and lap the competition. 

Using non-QM financing options like interest-only DSCR loans and cash-out refinancing mortgages with cutting-edge short-term rental data intelligence powered by STR Verifi, a short-term rental calculator that instantly supplies users with unrivaled market insights to forecast and measure rental revenue, seasonality, average daily rates, occupancy rates, and market analysis, we empower investors to identify viable properties with confidence. 

At mbanc, we specialize in self-employed mortgage solutions and have enabled self-made people to finance properties to achieve their American Dream for years. Read this case study to learn how our self-employed borrower mortgage options can help.

A Real Estate Property Investment in Marathon: About the Property

Let’s look at this real estate property investment in Marathon, Florida, to illustrate the value of cash-out refinance options, interest-only DSCR loans, and STR Verifi. 

This spacious 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom waterfront property sits in the renowned Sombrero Beach neighborhood. Minutes to the open ocean and mere steps away from the beach, this expansive property is primed to be your home, a profitable weekly vacation rental, or both. 

Built in 1974, this expansive property provides more than just unequaled views of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a patio, a large open-concept kitchen, a living area, a dining area, great modern amenities, and offers ample parking for both owners and guests. 

This luxury investment property is an opportunity to find your dream home or an unmatched rental. Without further ado, here’s how unconventional mortgage lenders help people like you create the kind of financial freedom that the American Dream is built on.

A Real Estate Property Investment in Marathon: Self-Employed Mortgage Solutions

Maeve came to us in 2022 seeking help expanding their real estate portfolio to acquire a luxury real estate property investment. We helped Maeve close on this property for $1,200,000. Today, this property is valued at $1,750,000, a 46% equity gain. 

But, like so many self-made individuals, Maeve understood the value of making the most of an opportunity and maximizing ROI. This goal is precisely where our passions aligned: Our passion is helping people like Maeve, and like you, do just that

To recoup their initial investment in purchasing the property, we helped Maeve acquire a cash-out refinance loan using rental property income. With our help, Maeve was able to qualify for a DSCR interest-only mortgage using projected short-term rental income.

Leveraging innovative STR Verifi data analysis, Maeve was able to apply for and fund this loan in just 12 days, providing him with the necessary money to consolidate his debt, keep his rental running, and invest in future property. 

Looking at STR Verifi’s report, key features that demonstrated the excellent opportunity this property presented and satisfied key financing requirements include:

“We leveraged key insights from STR Verifi to determine that this property had all the prime characteristics for short-term rentals, especially within an emerging short-term rental market. The projections indicated that this property would have a monthly revenue of $16,822 from short-term rentals, eclipsing the interest-only mortgage payment of $11,300, enabling Mauve to enjoy a monthly gross profit of $5,502 monthly, amounting to $66,024 annually. And the best part? That’s all money in their pocket because it’s tax-free in Florida.” – Desh Weragoda, mbanc CTO. 

Self-Employed Mortgage Solutions from Unconventional Income Mortgage Lenders

A real estate property investment in Marathon, Florida, is an excellent opportunity to purchase your dream home, create generational wealth in passive income, and continue to build your real estate portfolio. 

It can be difficult to obtain financing for unconventional, modern borrowers, but when you partner with unconventional-income mortgage lenders committed to your success, you can acquire financing easier and faster than ever with confidence. Whether you are interested in cash-out refinancing or an interest-only DSCR loan, we can help.

The American Dream begins at home, and our self-employed financing solutions can help you make that dream a reality. Talk with our team to learn how we can help you finance a property, build a real estate portfolio, and achieve true financial freedom.