Case Study: Using a Short-Term Rental Property Calculator

Case Study: Using a Short-Term Rental Property Calculator

Case Study: Using a Short-Term Rental Property Calculator

Understanding the value mbanc Invest offers realtors requires examining a case study for a property. As a realtor, it can feel like endless obstacles stand in the way of closing a sale. Fortunately, with a short-term rental property calculator, you can hurdle them effortlessly en route to streamlined sales and maximized profits. Explore this case study of mbanc Invest, the premier rental property estimator, in action to witness poetry in motion:

Potential Use Cases for a Rental Property Calculator

To illustrate the unequaled advantage of a rental property calculator like mbanc Invest, we will use a Marathon, Florida property. Below, you can find the comprehensive report you gain access to within seconds of inputting an address. 

Generally, realtors face two obstacles when selling a property. The first is closing the sale with the buyer, and the second is ensuring the buyer can secure funding. Fortunately, the short-term rental analytics mbanc Invest supplies is an invaluable asset in both situations.

Selling Property

When dealing with prospective customers investing in rental properties, one hurdle is providing verifiable proof of a property’s value. 

Investments come down to making a return, and short-term rental property calculators like mbanc Invest enable you to provide evidence-based, data-driven insights into any property nationwide that demonstrate a transparent reflection of revenue potential. 

Input any address, and you can instantly receive short-term rental analytics and a comprehensive overview of how much a client stands to profit from a property. From projected annual revenue to average daily rate to occupancy rate, your clients will know the projected return with unparalleled accuracy, which is critical to closing a deal.

For example, you could show that they stand to earn $141,000 off this property yearly, and using the 72% occupancy rate, seasonality rate, and high rental demand, you can demonstrate earnings will be consistent. With an estimated $50,265 in operating expenses, you can give a concrete figure for what they’ll earn annually: approximately $90,000. 

Plus, using the total mortgage and monthly payments they’ll owe, you can demonstrate that this property will practically pay for itself. If the return satisfies their criteria, this instant report maximizes your chances of closing the sale. 

Another feature that can assist you is the rental property data from the top comparison properties. A comparison between this property and similar properties posted on Airbnb shows, in real-time and with verifiable examples, earnings. 

In short, rental estimators enable you to close more deals and close them faster because you can instill confidence and foresight backed by concrete short-term rental data. 

Securing Funding

Many realtors encounter another central problem when selling a property: the client wants to finalize the sale, but they have difficulty securing financing. Short-term rental property calculators like mbanc Invest offer an unparalleled advantage. 

Traditional lenders want to see how much your customer stands to earn from this property to ensure they will have no issues making payments. Without the reports this innovative tool generates, it can be nearly impossible to provide and substantiate projections. 

If you print this report, it has everything you need to help finance their American Dream.  First, an annual revenue is critical to proving how much your client can profit from this property and communicating the ability to make mortgage payments. 

Just as importantly, however, features like occupancy rate, rental demand, and seasonality will convey consistency. Consistency is critical when securing funding, as it shows your client will have a steady flow of income to make consistent payments. 

Moreover, operating expenses, including an amenities bar graph, illustrate and balance your annual revenue, demonstrating prudence and foresight, which lenders love to see. 

Talk with Our Team to Learn More About Short-Term Rental Property Calculators and the mbanc Advantage

Lacking hard evidence to support a property’s projected value can make clients feel uncertain, which often results in them not following through with a purchase. Furthermore, failure to secure funding can also be the difference between making a sale and not making a sale. Ultimately, when your client cannot obtain financing or you lack the short-term rental analytics you need to prove a property’s value, this results in wasted time and resources. Fortunately, with mbanc Invest, those days are far behind you. 

If you are ready to experience the mbanc advantage and witness mbanc Invest in action, talk to our team to learn how our rental estimator can help you conquer your market.

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