How Rental Property Calculators Help Price Short-Term Rentals

How Rental Property Calculators Help Price Short-Term Rentals

How Rental Property Calculators Help Price Short-Term Rentals

Investing in a rental property is investing in your financial future and security, but maximizing profits requires understanding the perfect price point. Charge too much, and you will lose and deter renters; charge too little, and you will leave money on the table. Ultimately, evaluating all the pertinent factors for pricing a rental requires using an innovative rental property calculator like mbanc Invest and leveraging the short-term rental analytics it offers. Here’s how a rental estimator can help price your property: 

Essential Income Variables

The key to optimally pricing your rental property is understanding where your money is going and coming from. 

The short-term rental data a premier rental property calculator like mbanc Invest offers can help gain unrivaled, streamlined insights into these variables. Keep in mind that this is just scratching the surface, but key figures to be aware of include:

  • Nightly rate: Average rate you want to charge per night.
  • Nights booked: Average number of nights you expect to book per month.
  • Mortgage: Your monthly mortgage payment.
  • Utilities: Monthly costs for water, electricity, WiFi, cable, etc. 
  • Insurance and property taxes: Monthly costs for homeowners insurance, liability insurance, property protection plans, and your state’s property tax rate. 
  • Other expenses: Monthly expenditures on HOA, maintenance, and stocking or upgrading your rental. 
  • Management costs: Monthly percentage of income you allocate for management and marketing fees. 

Only cutting-edge rental estimators enable you to receive instant, highly accurate data and analytics to forecast profits and set the optimal price. More importantly, they are intuitive and easy to use, even for inexperienced investors and property owners.

Income & Expenses

While some variables have clearly defined values, like mortgage payments or utilities, several elements of this require considerable more insight and expertise to unpack. 

A rental property calculator like mbanc Invest and the short-term rental analytics it provides streamlines and simplifies accessing and understanding this data and turns it into actionable insights. Here are areas to be aware of when pricing a rental to maximize ROI:


Revenue is one of the most important factors when determining how to price a rental. Ultimately, revenue dictates the ROI of this investment. 

Airbnb calculators forecast revenue with unprecedented ease and speed to determine the perfect price for your short-term rental. Ultimately, you want to ensure positive cash flow outstrips expenses. Still, charging too much can cause you to lose renters. 

Evaluating the cash-on-cash return is essential to determining the ideal price point. This is your annual return, but we advise also assessing monthly and seasonal returns for a more comprehensive understanding of trends.


A vacation property calculator also provides essential short-term rental data for a concrete understanding of your expenses. 

Understanding how to price your property to maximize profits requires weighing expenses against revenue, which is complicated without expert help and the right tools. Key metrics that rental property estimators provide to help forecast rental pricing include:

  • Insurance costs
  • HOA fees
  • Maintenance costs
  • Property taxes
  • Utilities
  • Property management costs
  • Cleaning fees
  • Rental income taxes
  • One-time startup costs (e.g., furniture, appliances, closing costs, inspections)

Other Considerations 

Still, there are several other variables the short-term rental analytics from a rental property calculator provide to forecast the ideal price point for your rental. 

To contextualize the rental price you can ask for, it is essential to consider comparable rental properties in your area. Ensure you find properties that have similar features to yours. These will provide an insight into what you can realistically ask.

Moreover, things like capitalization rate will enable you to assess how risky your investment is, and occupancy rate enables you to know the projected percentage of occupied rooms in a building at any given time. 

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Purchasing a rental property is a commitment to future financial security. Still, this is just the beginning. Maximizing rental property income necessitates setting the perfect price for a short-term rental. Setting it too high deters prospective renters and causes current renters to jump ship while setting it too low equates to leaving money on the table. 
Fortunately, with mbanc Invest, the preeminent vacation property estimator, you gain essential short-term rental data that enables you to select the optimal price for your rental property. To experience the mbanc Advantage, talk with our team today.

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