How to Increase Airbnb Bookings in the Off-Season

How to Increase Airbnb Bookings in the Off-Season

How to Increase Airbnb Bookings in the Off-Season

When it comes to vacation rental investing, the top priority is profit, and understanding how to increase Airbnb bookings is the only way to boost your revenue. This is especially important during the off-season. Attracting guests to your Airbnb is like using a dating profile, meaning it takes some work and thought to maximize bookings. 

Fortunately, at mbanc, we’re more than a premier lender; we’re a trusted resource and can make the market bend to your will and not the other way around. Learn how in our blog:

How to Increase Airbnb Bookings in the Off-Season

Optimize Your Listing

When determining how to increase Airbnb bookings, the first step is to optimize your listing. It’s important to remember that a short-term rental investment requires active work that extends beyond tending to your physical property. 

Spruce up your title to include phrases like “discount,” “low-season special,” or “extra 15% discount” to entice guests. Also, adjust your calendar availability so people can book your property well in advance for things like music festivals, weddings, or conferences. 

Like a dating profile, the images on your listing should highlight its best attributes, and write an engaging headline and description that sell its value. 

Adjust Preset Settings

When learning how to increase Airbnb bookings in the offseason, adjusting your preset settings is essential. With vacation rental investing, these details often make the biggest difference in profits.

These settings significantly impact how your listing performs in search engine results. Adjust settings to be laxer with additional person charges, security deposits, and minimum night requirements, and allow instant booking.

Relax Vacation Rental Rules

We recommend relaxing your vacation rental rules during the off-season when wondering how to increase Airbnb bookings. If you have a strict no-animals rule, allow guests to bring their four-legged companions.

If you’ve always said no parties or guests, let them live it up a little more in your rental. Also, change your cancellation policy. Make it more flexible during the off-season, and more guests will come. 

Offer Discounts

Now, if you’re going to mention discounts in your title, the next logical step when figuring out how to increase Airbnb bookings during the off-season is to offer them. Otherwise, it’s like catfishing guests. 

A successful short-term rental investment requires catering to your clientele during the off-season, which can be like courting them. Offer things like percentage discounts for longer stays. 

Invest in Your Property

When it comes to vacation rental investing, the old saying is true; you have to spend money to make money.  When trying to understand how to increase Airbnb bookings during the off-season, we advise investing in your property. Consider catering to business travelers. 

“Invest in creating a workspace with a good Wi-Fi connection and renovating spaces to make people traveling for business more comfortable. Stock your rental with things like food, towels, entertainment, linens, high-quality shampoos, perfumes, and cologne, and things like an iron and a high-quality hairdryer. The key is to create an experience,” Desh Weragoda, mbanc CTO, explained. 

If your property is not kid-friendly, remodel a space to make it kid-friendly. Consider adding things like a pool, hot tub, selfie station, firepit, gym equipment, or something that makes you stand out, like converting a room into a home theater or solarium.

Fortunately, working with a premier lender like mbanc enables you to finance remodels quickly and easily using the projected rental income. In other words, your rental won’t just pay for itself; it’ll pay for the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

Now That You Know How to Increase Airbnb Bookings in the Off-Season, Contact Us to Finance Your Rental

A short-term rental investment can be an unrivaled way to generate passive income to continue to live and succeed on your terms, but maximizing revenue requires learning how to increase Airbnb bookings, especially during the off-season. At mbanc, we can finance your rental with a quick and easy process, and our innovative short-term rental calculator STR Verifi enables you to forecast seasonality trends with unprecedented accuracy. We empower people like you to be the masters of their market. 

To learn more about our financing options, rental calculator, and maximizing bookings, talk with our team today. Together, we can conquer your market.

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